Today, I want to introduce Portland Downtown.
Actually, I am not  staying at Portland any more, but I used to 1 yr ago.
Anyone has any question, don't hestitate to contact me.
All picture are taken at fall, 2008.

This is Portland trmet as Public transfertaion. that looks like tram or subway.

Portland is one of pacific Northwest city. they have warm sunny weather with spectacular blue skies. I remebered it rained lightly and all of wheather was sunny and cool!
The best thing is there has no tax in all Portland location. so I think Portland is the best location for shoppers such as mania of LV, chanel, and so on.

Even though you are just backpaker, you don't have to be worried about transfertation.
Portland has goood public transfer system, we called trimet. they provide free bus and train rides in downtown.

You can see some sculpture with water. Portland is very nature friendly city.

Highlight of Downtown is pioneer square. You can meet and talk many portland people. everyone is very kind and looks good! People play game on the block. and there is traveler information center and some shop like starbucks, flower, and some deli. I loved to eat that taco. it is so awsome. if you go to Portland, you should try it.

Nice taco deli!

She is always smile!

What kind source do you like?

Nowadays, it closed to Thanksgiving day, so There have many event on the place.
If you have a chace, you can see many thing for free.

Downtown has one of LV brunch. don't forget, Portland is no tax, so one of the cheapest price LV place is Portland.

One of another exicting thing is many Portland people take a bike. A lot of good bikers come out of Portland just because you can ride year-round.

Rosequarter is arena for multi uses such as baseball, icehacking, concert, and event.

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